Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Champagne Tastes

I haven't been inspired to share my personal life but am always up to share my obsession with fashion geniuses and denim lords a la my current favorites - rachel pally, balenciaga, and jbrand jeans. I'm between a carrie bradshaw/jessica simpson enthused fashionista. Latest "in" things for me include, tunic tops and t's, large leather totes, skinny jeans, flat sandels, sweats & hoodies, head accessories, clutches, and a "if you dress it right, it will look good" attitude (what is part of fashion is feeling beautiful in your clothes no matter what name is on the label). I am LA bound at the end of the summer so follow me through a journey of sample sales and fashion. I've always wanted to write strictly about my passion (for fashion, and for getting bargains) -- the things that i like, don't like, trends, sales, coupon codes, etc. so stay tuned....


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