Thursday, January 25, 2007

People's Top 10 for Spring

It's like Winter never happened in Southern California. Only after a few brisk days and I'm already on Spring full throttle - beginning first with a sneak peak brought to you by People's 10 hottest trends for the season and commentary!

Brightly Colored Accessories
For a girl who wears mostly black, I do celebrate color. It's all about accessorizing your wardrobe. I love spicing up my outfits with a jazzy pair of shoes or a brightly colored handbag/clutch. That way your closet stays classic and your accessories, recyclable. Who says you can't dust off your Gucci shoes from 5 years ago? Call it vintage & wear with pride.

Day Clutches
I've always loved the look of clutches but I'm just the type of girl who carries alot of miscellaneous junk in her purse, which is probably why I only own two. I've noticed recently that clutches have evolved to be more practical - meaning, you can contain more things or maybe it's just fashion saying, bigger is better. So basically, it's ok to hold the size of what you would normally carry on your arm, in the palm of your hand. Sweet!

Wide Leg Jeans
I tried this one the last time around but it just didn't flatter me the way it did others. But this is certainly a statement in the current fad of skinny, skinny, skinny everything. Just like Vogue says in Feb's issue featuring Renee Zellweger -- "Lean and Mean - The most modern trouser silhouette is strong and skinny." I want to be a pencil, please?

Lucite Jewelry
Remember Alexis Bittar's widely popular lucite bangles (as worn by the lovely Jessica Simpson)? Yup, back again.

Yellow and Cobalt
The alias for electric blue is cobalt. Complimentary colors always work well with and against each other.

It takes a certain style to pull this off but a good look for a dinner or night out.

Supposedly the "metallic shade" of the season. In my opinion, it's fresher on the eye. Gold at one point to me was tacky just like silver translated into cheap. Gold today connotes feelings of royalty, warmth, and richness. Nonetheless, silver will break the monotony of it for the time being.

Cut Out Wedges
I totally just want to sprinkle salt around this one.

Wide Trousers
Now, there is a difference between wide jeans and trousers. Maybe because trousers look really good wide and fitted. You don't feel as weighed down like with denim. There's just more fluidity. Plus, you can wear it out or in the office. I'm all for the multi-purpose wardrobe.

Mini Dresses
I love! I love! Bare those legs ladies and show them what you got.

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