Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Big Rings

One day, I’ll get my 3 carat ring. I must be dreaming! One day, maybe in my next life. In the meantime, I can still rock the bling and wave my hands with pride, even if it’s just a $6 H&M sparkler weighing down my fingers. Though I love my David Yurman onyx cocktail ring, the one dressed with glittering diamonds, oh yes, that one. ;) -- it carries with it some bittersweet emotions. I wear it sparingly -- plus I’d be devastated if I left it in the girl’s room absentmindedly. And I would do something like that.

So, I’d much prefer the less than $20 costume accessories; at the moment, rings to be specific – though it would be silly of me to refuse the real thing. I’m talking big jewels and rocks encased by metal or flower petals carrying over your ring and pointer finger – and maybe even funky plastics in polka-dot and leapord. All of abstract shapes and colors, of course. Doesn't a luscious strawberry with gold seeds sound delicious?

Where to find? I scouted some at H&M. Intermix has some but pricey. Kenneth Jay Lane, of course, does not cease to disappoint. All the ones pictured above, Rachel Leigh, Lee Angel, Kenneth Jay Lane, and SuRevolution are all around $80.

Rock me. ;)

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