Thursday, August 17, 2006

Because it's my birthday

Only because it's my birthday, I can liberate myself from this shopping ban that i have impressed on myself. Good thing there are so many sales worthy of shopping expected, I can't find that "one" thing I'd want to wear to celebrate this occasion of being one year older.

Dropped into Jasmine Sola (familiar to my native eastcoasters) and they were having their end of season sale. Picked up a jersey tunic and a pair of Seychelles thong sandals for cheap! Ok, don't make fun but what do you think of this outfit for a casual bar night?

[Top by HIR 101, Jbrand jeans 12", Michael Kors metallic kicks, Cara Couture headband]

Just because I had my camera out, I took a picture of the Seychelles. =)

For Saturday night, I need something more wow. I guess I'm going to do more surfing. If I order by tonight, I'll still have the option to overnight. Because we all know, if I leave it to Saturday afternoon, I'll be crying when dinner rolls around with nothing to wear!


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