Tuesday, August 15, 2006

1980s Comeback

Let's just say I was really young in the 80s. Now I'm of age to witness the revival of 80s fashion. Of course, the style is reinvented somewhat to fit what we would consider fashionable today. Thank goodness big hair hasn't made its way back yet but who knows - maybe next year? Flourescent had its short claim a few years ago. I remember seeing neon yellows, hot pinks, and electron blues when I was abroad in Europe back in 2004. Next season, back at home, I saw the same colors dressing the shelves of department stores and boutiques. Although - the trend did go as quickly as it came.

Flashdance popularized the ripped sweatshirt, off-the-shoulder look. Similarly, it was the aerobics craze that led to leggings - something that we're all too familiar with today (Right: Mischa Barton and her sister in Sydney).

The long sweater cinched with a belt made its away into 80s and again, into the 21st century. Belts can do wonders for your outfit....love this trend.

Gilt fashion earrings and costume jewelry has survived both a few seasons and several years. If it gives us girls the same glitzy and glamorous feeling as it did in the 80s, why not? If not glitzy and glamorous, then how about fun and plastic? I have some plastic hoops and fun-colored beaded necklaces (also 80s inspired) draped over my jewlery box.

And headbands? Before, it was bands wrapping around the forehead. Today, we like chain-linked headbands like this one by Cara Couture. For more information on Cara Couture, read this article from Daily Candy. On sale btw at Intermix. I grabbed a silver and blue one in the store this past weekend!

And of course, I can't forget about Madonna - a fashion icon today and in the eighties. Madonna has always been this unconventional figure in history. Even though a large part of the 80s was about women in the workforce and an exhibition of corporate style both in attitude and dress, Madonna's influence broke the status-quo by making sex a fashion statement. She also brought about the cross, which is a trend I see surfacing in the near future [like this one by Kenneth Jay Lane, $58 - available on ShopBop]

What are you 80s observations? Please share, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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