Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Skinny

The skinny on my weekend: As time grows near, the reality of moving is also crystalizing. It's been a pool of emotions up until this point - from excited and anxious to sad and happy - although strangely, I've never been so certain of anything in my life (aka i've put more thought into buying a pair of jeans). Like I've been saying, it's time to spread my wings and see where i'll go, trusting that I will be guided in the right direction. Needless to say, I'm trying to make most of my time here at home in the meantime.

Ok, thanks for reading up until this point. =) Time for the skinny on skinny jeans. Skinny jeans (I know, I'm just a little obsessed) - although it's the latest must-have on everyone's wishlist - these jeans do not accommodate all body types. I'm a firm believer in clothes fitting your body versus your body fitting the clothes, or rather not fitting your body. (huh?) So what does this mean, no matter what the trend or latest fashion statement, wear the clothes that can lift, push, and flatter your best assets.

In Style had a great how-to on wearing denim. Good news is that skinny jeans can work for people of all heights. Flipside, may not work as well for the curvy and top heavy. Best news? The range of denim is dizzying. There's always something for everyone. For ex, In Style votes the best "all-around" jean to be the "Tricky Lover Style" by Joe's (shown above, $158, 310-656-7898).

Now, if you are a wearer of skinny jeans - what shoes? I say flats (thonged sandals or kitten heeled pumps), ballet (roundish flats), or pumps (pointy or peeptoe). I just realized that In Style featured the London Sole ballet shoes (available on ShopBop) as being the best flat shoes to wear with skinnies! See my post about making Bold Statements.

Tops should be more loose, flowy and big - definitely not as tight as your jeans. See Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan (pictured below) in their skinny jeans.


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