Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bold Statements

Flash the daring color of your nails. Throw on the leopord printed peep-toes and grab that glistening gold clutch. Maybe a red belt wrapped around your torso? You can do all or just one of the above - without clashing results. Maintain subtley with a simple strappy tank. Make a bold statement.

1. Nails: Besides giving your hands and feet much needed therapy, the best part of going to the nail salon is picking a color. Usually my mood dictates the color to paint my nails whether it be a serious shade like Lady Godiva (Esse), a flaming color like Cajun Shrimp (OPI) or a provocative red like I'm Not Really a Waitress (OPI). Don't be so quick to turn your head to the bright and glittery. Your nails might just be the secret to giving your outfit that extra oomph.

2. All things shoes: I don't discriminate against platforms, animal prints, stripes, metallics, or studs as long as it does a good job of "adding" to my outfit. When I used to work in retail, the dresscode mandated all black but nothing in the rules said anything about what my feet could or could not wear, so needless to say my feet got to have a little fun. My latest craze is leapord printed shoes. Perhaps, something along the lines of Nicole Ritchie's peep-toe wedges (by Stella McCartney) or ballet flats like these by London Sole (if the print doesn't work for you, the shoe comes in other colors too).

On the subject of flats, I passed up the Chloe drivers last season but instaneously fell in love with these Marc Jacobs. I want to say they're like Uggs in disguise because of the furry insole.

And lastly, while perusing the Shopbop sale, I came across these flats by Frye (30% off). I like the combo of the burnt red and gold studs. They definitely have potential but still on the border about them.

3. Handbags: Into - Crocodile or (faux crocodile) leather, Lauren Merkin, clutches that clasp, clutches that flap, fan or rectangular in shape, and Red. I typically like large totes but you can get more crazy with small. I need a day clutch - i'm thinking Cognac for color but I'm at odds about which one to get. So, which one to get?


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