Monday, September 11, 2006

Favorite Things: After the show, there’s the After Party

Who? Lisa
Occupation? Business systems analyst by day, grad student by night
Favorite thing? Tigi's Bedhead After Party Smoothing Cream

the scoop:
Anyone who has dry hair will know the pains that come along with it. In other words, do you have hair that needs to be slept on to achieve "shiny look" type of hair? I certainly do - and this means that in order for my
hair to have a softer look and touch the day-after, I need to shower the night before. The drawback? I don’t have that fresh, clean feeling that you get from a nice refreshing shower in the morning. Knowing there must be a way around this, I was tempted to find a solution.

Tigi Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream $ 17.95

Good for use after showering. By working a dime-size amount in the palm of your hands and applying it throughout your hair after it’s been dried, you are left with shiny, smooth, and frizz-free hair. It has a great scent, which stays throughout the day and because of the limited amount needed per use, one bottle can last a very long time. That’s what I would call more bang for your buck.

Other products that I have tried that have a similar effect:

Silk Silk Therapy Treatment $ 19

Sebastian Laminates Drops Liquid Polish $ 17

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum $ 15.99

Though they all serve the same purpose, I found my favorite in Tigi’s Bed Head After-Party. It comes around with me everywhere I go. If not because of your hair, the eye-catching bottle will be sure to grab some attention ; )

Thank you Lisa for divulging your hair secrets!

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