Monday, October 23, 2006

Collection Bebe by David Cardona

"The Collection includes strapless gowns and bubble skirts, shown with knee-length leggings and long patent-leather gloves. Skirts and bloomers have balloon hems. Pants are high-waisted and cut slim, tapering at the angle or cuffed into capris. Generous use of silk, satin, jersey, and chiffon give designs that elegant look and graceful flow. Asymmetrical lines add interest to almost every piece. Single straps, geometric details and unbalanced collars lend an edgy feel to the sophisticated collection." -- from

First, Mischa Barton became the cover girl for Bebe and now, we're seeing Bebe's attempt at high-fashion. Though I must admit, first cut doesn't look too shabby. Collection Bebe made its debut at LA's Fashion Week. There was definite chic and sophistication strutting down the runway. Price point of this line is high with dresses going for $500 coats, at prices reaching $1000.

There's definitely glam potential but I can't imagine spending that much for Bebe. I wonder if Bebe's new collection is strong enough to manage this drastic shift. Thoughts anyone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, im not sure how i feel about spending that much on bebe clothes either. but from the looks of it, just dont say its from bebe.hahahah

8:14 PM  

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