Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ugly Betty

"In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. Styles come and go, and the only constants are the superthin beauties who wear them. How can an ordinary girl - a slightly plump plain-Jane from Queens - possibly fit in?"

ABC's Thursday night line up is hot, beginning with Ugly Betty at 8/7 C. If a show can catch my attention in 10 minutes, it means i'm hooked for the season. Betty Suarez is clumsy, dorky, and bottomline, she's everything that the fashion industry swears against - except, she has passion. With big dreams, she lands a job at Mode magazine, working as the assistant to Daniel - son of publishing mogul, Bradford Meade. What is a show without bad guys - Vanessa Williams plays Wilhelmina, a conniving bi-otch trying to plot her way to the top.

I assume we will follow Becky through a series of mishaps, successes, and failures, as she teams up with Daniel (who is a cutie btw) to kick some bad guy ass and most importantly, as she tries to make her way into a world of glamour and fashion, that is Mode magazine.

Tonight's premier was so endearing. The show is witty and comical and comes complete with familiar cast. Oh, and Salma Hayek is also the executive producer.

Catch it next week if you can!


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in your entry about the ballet flats, steve madden's steven line has some cute ballet flats that are decent in price. The regular steve madden line has nice ones too. can't believe you move to LA! it's nice to be on your own for a while. however i do miss home alot.

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