Friday, October 20, 2006

While I Was Out

While I was "out", I watched Jeffrey Sebelia win Project Runway. Although I was rooting for Michael, Jeffrey may have deserved the win. He has experience, he knows the business, and came up with some pretty innovative pieces. So, hats off to you Jeffrey.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I hope you all were able to pitch in for a good cause, and hopefully - one day, we'll discover a true cure.

I fell in love. I've worn my beloved Balenciaga to the bone but I may have found a replacement.
I love Balenciaga's quilted motorcycle. As seen on Lindsay Lohan. Read the scoop on this bag @ the Bag Lady.

Paris and Nicole became friends again? It was all a lame publicity stunt to begin with. Their 20 minutes is over.

LA Fashion Week ends today. And happening tonight is LA's second annual Fashion Awards. Yah, I was late on all the going-on's in the industry but I was still in tune. I can't get my subscriptions forwarded to me fast enough. Miss my Vogue and US Weekly.


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