Saturday, September 23, 2006

shop J. Crew

A new car + hotel makes a good home ('cause that's all i'm working with right now). Guess who bought her very own sexy car today. The addition of car payments to my stack of bills means my closet will be suffering for awhile but no worries - it means, my eyes/ears will look/listen closer to super deals and bargains.

J. Crew was big when I was in highschool and some college but since then, I've never been much into it. I decided to check it out one day and to my surprise, I took home with me a few cute items.

Lo and behold - J. Crew's soft silk ballet flats ($98). If the print doesn't work for you, it also comes in solid colors (black, gold, and brown). I've been wanting ballet flats for some time but wasn't in a position to buy the pricier flats aka London Sole for $150 - though, they were featured on a model in September's issue of Vogue (note: if you are looking to purchase the London Sole ballet flats - the sizes run super small - I suggest going 1 size up).

In searching for the perfect and affordable pair, I wanted slim, dainty, and feminine - just like real ballerina slippers - which is why the style from J. Crew caught my eye. So, I went with black. The shoes fit snug at first but the sales representative recommended that I get them true to size as they will give some with wear. I'd give a 6 1/2 for comfort on a scale of 1 - 10. Definitely rubs a bit when you first wear them. But, visually, these babies are super cute!

Next find - the herringbone vest ($98).

With boyish looks as being one of Fall's top trends - a vest was definitely on my wishlist. I love the way this fits. It forms to your body like a glove and is also adjustable in back. I like to wear mine buttoned up but it looks great open too.

If you shop J. Crew and you're a student (or still have your student ID), you can get 10% off everyday on every purchase. This particular day, J. Crew was having a special promotion where they were offering students 15% off!


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