Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hair Do's

Enter Fred Segal Salon. Exit Marvelous Hair. I needed a new stylist and I found one - thanks to my lovely roommate for sharing her trade secret.

For years, I couldn't get away from the same straight and layered cut - most of you are familiar with the Jennifer Aniston hair. Indeed, that was me.

So, I knew my next stylist would be confronted with a challenge of sorts. I didn't want "different" to be long hair to boy cut or black to blonde - but rather, a noticeable change in how my hair falls, the volume, and bounce. I swear, there's a true science to it.

I told him my story, my wants, my needs. He sat me down, studied my hair for a moment, and laid it out. He was going to add volume to my hair by cutting short top layers. He was going to keep the length but make my bottom layer almost wispy so that I could easily curl or flip. Best of all, he assured me that upkeep would be minimal meaning, it would be totally low maintenance. (Afterall, I only have 10 minutes to spare for styling in the morning before scrambling to work).

Cut, cut, chop, chop.....blowdry, tease, and curl....yes, he taught me all those techniques and I was utterly amazed. A+ for a first impression (not me, but for my hair and for him too).

I went back the next week for highlights and oddly enough, it is almost identical to Nicole Ritchie's new hair...a picture I came across today. Very subtle highlights....but enough to make a difference.

Stay tuned for an exclusive update on my stylist, Tim Ou, and a chance to get a free hair cut!

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Blogger msveronica said...

show your new haircut!

9:06 AM  
Blogger paul said...

do the dew

5:23 PM  

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