Monday, February 05, 2007

Louis, Marc, Stephen

Everyone knows that I love big totes. I hate that you lose everything in them but it seems that I never have enough hands - especially in the mornings when you're trying to multi-task. For example, flip-flops under you arm for after work, bag on your arm, redbull in hand, trash in the other....all while you're fumbling for your keys to lock the door and get into your car.

They say three's a charm. You have 1) the Stephen bag, designed by 2) Marc Jacobs for 3) Louis Vuitton. And indeed, the combination is quite the ménage à trois. A girlfriend of mine has been eyeing this bag for awhile and I don't blame her. It's like a high-powered stam bag and that description barely does it much justice. It's very city girl and utilitarian with it's messenger bag type functionality. The shoulder strap to my Balenciaga motorcycle which I once thought was just a pretty accessory has proven very useful.
And of course, Jessica Simpson seen toting it around doesn't hurt it's image much either - since she seems to wear everything so well!

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