Thursday, April 05, 2007

Getting High

At the moment, I feel the same way about high-waist jeans as I did skinny jeans the first time they were reintroduced. It took me about 3 tiers of skinny jeans to get to the cigarette style I know and love today – yes, the ones that are practically painted to my skin and take about 10 minutes to pull past my ankles. Sigh, the things we do for fashion.

Like skinny jeans, it takes a certain body type to pull off the high-waisted style. They look phenomenal on Kate Moss, but of course, she’s a twig. The mental transition from low risers to high risers is going to take some time. I mean, I haven’t had pants reach near my belly button in years! I have to try it on, wear it around, and see how I feel in it – then maybe reach a point where I’ll like it. Not all trends are for everyone – if it doesn’t work for me, no biggie. They’ll always be another fad to indulge in. Jbrand (left) began with skinnies, then came out with the wide-legs, and is now into the high-waist denim. Jbrand - being one of my more favorite denim designers. Available on Shop Bop.

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Anonymous Kari said...

Love those J Brands! Must have them...

3:07 PM  
Blogger ISF said...

Good choice - I didn't like Kate's first high-waists (pictured) but the J brands here are great. Not toooo high, and not a straight leg. I-S-F

2:01 PM  

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