Saturday, July 29, 2006

On love and Nick Lachey

Love for fashion, that is. Putting boys on the backburner for now. Perhaps, I'm meant to follow the same path as Nick after his split from Jess. ;) His new single, "I can't hate you anymore" is on repeat, finally something to replace Nelly Furtado even though I'm still obsessed with "promiscuous girl". I'm still getting use to Vanessa and Nick. I don't mean to get all pyscho-analytic but something tells me it's going to be a short relationship. They were recently spotted arguing in NYC. Sources say he stormed out of the room despite her attempts to make nice. Vanessa basically dropped Derek Jeter for Nick. Plus, Vanessa's comment about how she's going to be the next Jessica also hit a nerve. Oh boy, It's just too easy to dwell on the love lives of others (haha).

Moving on....

Cosmo (style&beauty - summer/fall 2006) says fall's 8 essential pieces are:

1. Leggings (agreed - especially with a long sweater or top)
2. A bell-sleeved blouse (has potential but depends on the wearer)
3. A military-inspired coat (loved the Vince one from last year)
4. A ("majorly") mini dress (agreed - short baby doll dresses can be so cute)
5. The skinniest pants (and jeans)
6. Bubble skirt (just bought a black one from Bloomies for $12!)
7. A chunky cardigan (i think this look works every season)
8. Long shorts (the model is shown wearing a dressy long short - forever21 has tons)

What's your take on Cosmo's predictions?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not going to lie, that is a pretty amazing song :-)

Shhh, dont tell ne 1 i said that..

1:58 PM  

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