Monday, December 04, 2006


Just in time for the holidays. I like stockings - ones with goodies stuffed inside and ones you slip on. It can get pretty darn chilly in Los Angeles, so while your body is wearing that cute dress, your legs should be wearing something too. What better to cover them with than tights? I have all sorts -- sheer black, sheer brown and patterned, solid argyled wool and ankle tights. So far, I've stuck to mostly neutral colors. I'm still a Bostonian at heart so I haven't grown the courage to wear brightly colored tights - even though I see others pull it off really well.

Today, I wore my Rachel Pally charcoal scoop bubble dress with a pair of black tights and satin ballerina flats. :)

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Blogger 5%C. said...

Have you found good textured tights? Maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong places, but seems like nowhere in L.A. is stocking awesome cabled/knitted/etc. winter tights! But my miniskirts and formal shorts and I are craving wooly warmth...

-rachy rach
5% celery

9:35 PM  

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