Thursday, April 12, 2007


Rachel Pally Warehouse sale is happening this weekend, starting tomorrow!

For more information:
Rachel Pally Warehouse Sale

Tons of pre-spring stuff to feast on!

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Blogger Anna said...

I went to the Rachel Pally Sample Sale today. I bought things for myself, my sister, my neice in Florida who teaches dance, and my daughter-in-law! Oh My God! What a great sale! I am embarrassed to say how much I spent, and I'm not upset at all! I met Rachel, her Mom and her Dad! They are all beautiful people and wonderful!!! I'm so glad I went. I bought several dresses, tops, leggings, boleros, pants, skirts, pashminas and belts! Hmmmm....did I forget anything? I met wonderful women from San Fansisco and we plan to keep in touch. I talked with so many wonderful women who all love Rachel's designs! What a great day! If you have a chance to go....don't think twice. GO FOR IT! IT'S AMAZING!

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