Sunday, July 23, 2006

Diane vonFurstenberg v.s. Forever 21

All hail for the look-a-likes, or what I'd prefer to call "affordable alternatives to high fashion." The shirt pictured on the left is $19.80 at Forever 21. Compare it to the Diane vonFurstenberg for $198, pictured right. Even if it wasn't a total knock-off, I'd get it just to wear with my black Jbrands skinnies. Due to the high demand, it is sold out on Forever online but I promise I will keep checking in for new inventory. "Last call" at Neiman Marcus is happening NOW. I say this because Diane's shirt is on sale for $99.

The Millicent Short

Make an outfit. Kristen Johnson shorts on sale for $154 on Shop Bop. I am crazy over the vintage buttons used to accent this piece. Small details can go a long way. As for the outfit, the chiffon/shorts combo screams classy yet casual. Forever 21 has comparable alternatives to these shorts but I didn't see one worthy of posting this time around. Below, check out another Forever/Diane dupe.

I'll also let you in a little secret. Bloomingdales is having their end of season sale. You can pre-sale now for %40 off already reduced prices. I managed to get my hands on these adorable coach sandals for $57 (reg price $150). Chloe shoes, also generously discounted. Only thing about presaling is you can't take it home with you that day but upside is that you get first dibs on sizes and styles. As with all sales, act fast and happy shopping!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That shirt is cute. keep it coming with the replicas!

7:49 PM  
Blogger CaliforniaStyle said...

I think they had the shirt at Forever 21 when we went together. Did you see it?

9:11 PM  

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