Monday, February 26, 2007

Homemade Remedies

Lately, everything I've been wanting to share has been about skincare and beauty. I guess, I'm at the age now where my skin is of more interest to me. I say interest because worry implies I haven't been taking care of it. And yes, I am in denial. But you're talking to a caffiene junkie (dehydrated skin), workaholic, party girl (tired skin) and did I mention sun worshipper (wrinkley skin)? That one bottle of Smart Water a day isn't helping, nor is it making me any smarter. ;)

Through the years, I've extracted bountiful tips and advice - including some homemade remedies - from my aestheticians, from elderly women (they've been there, done that), from magazines, and from word of mouth. Jeez, I wish I could remember all of them but I'll start with the few I can remember. Collectively, maybe we can narrow the list down to the ones that really work - so, I'll need your help. Sharing is caring and we all know we don't learn this stuff by osmosis.

Skin Purifier
Fresh lemon juice and a dash of baking soda
Helps to reduce acne.
Supposedly, all acne formula contains the two. Although im not sure which one of the 'trates and 'ides is lemon and baking soda. Hrm.

Best moisturizer for dehydrated skin
Aloe Vera
If you have dehydrated skin, you're best bet is to tackle with water. So drink tons of water and use a water based moisturizer. I am currently trying this one out and will let you know how it works but so far so good. Trader Joes sells 100% aloe vera for like $3.00!

Treating yourself inside out
Diet & Exercise
We all know this is an obvious one but diet is the first thing to good skin. Chamomile, green, and various herbal teas are great for energy and keeping your zen in a good state. Yoga is great for blood circulation. The more condition your body, the nicer it will be to you in the future. Remember my post about facial massages? Lastly, drink water...if you drink alot of coffee and redbull as I do - than you're in trouble. Just kidding. I do try to balance everything with tons of water....and an iced water with lemon is so good!



Blogger 5%C. said...

another tip: my fave (lazy) way to exfoliate my face is to simply rub it in vigorous little cirlces with a warm washcloth after I cleanse. seriously--works like a charm for transforming rough cheeks into, dare I say, baby-butt-cheeks.

-rach from 5%celery

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