Friday, April 13, 2007

quicktip: OIL begone

It happens in slow motion. Like when you're eating a salad and that cherry tomato drenched in delicious oil and herbs flicks off your fork and lands on your thigh, just right after traveling down the bottom of your shirt. And the result? A masterpiece of drizzle and splat. I worry about looking sloppy, a bit. But the anxiety of stain removal is worse. And I worry about that more. It usually happens to a shirt you bought the other day. First time wearing it, loving it, looking hot in it -- then disaster strikes and you're looking up to the clouds asking why? Alright alright - a little drama queen never hurt anyone.

My aunt is a genius. She has a fix for everything. I was moping around about a shirt I so clumsily ruined with my curry chicken and she came to the rescue. She said, "rub baby powder into the stain and throw it in the wash."

To my surprise, it worked. Since then, baby powder has been the miracle oil stain remover. The powder soaks up the oil and the wash is the final step so you don't go walking around like you were in a bakery kitchen.

If you have no baby powder, hairspray works too - although, i've always looked to the powder first. Good luck....and try it with confidence - I promise it will save you many a shirt.

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