Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Love Rachel Pally

Every season I tell myself that I can't fill my closet with any more Rachel Pally but every season surpasses the next - so how can I help myself? I am a basics girl. I like pieces that I can swap and mix easily from one outfit to the next. I remember the time when I used to buy over-the -top but just absolutely gorgeous pieces thinking I would wear it more than two times. The novelty wears off quickly and suddenly, it no longer gives you the same "new" feeling as it use to. If you do the math - $300 top with 2 wears = $150/wear. Yikes! Quite frankly, I would be needing to make more money to enjoy that luxury. The only exception is shoes. ;)

Oh, but Rachel's stuff is great. The fabric is so soft against your skin and so fluid on your body. Since her debut, each subsequent season has encompassed more detail and creativity - whether it be pintucks, buttons, or folds. Still has the same look and feel of Rachel Pally but with more pizazz.

To share some of my favorites from Rachel Pally's Spring line....

Top, from left to right:
  • Back Cowl Tee
  • Buttoned Baby Doll
  • Gathered Mini
  • Pin Tuck Mini
Left: Printed Off-the-Shoulder

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Anonymous Linda said...

I love rachel pally too! Cant wait to come!! =)

2:29 PM  

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