Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A cute number

Rolled up to the W Hotel this weekend to check out the Diane vonFurstenberg sale. Purposely gave myself ample time in the morning to get ready – 1) to avoid the crowd and 2) to avoid a few hundred dollar charge on my credit card statement next month. At 1pm, they had completely cleaned out one room of DVF. Down to only 1, there were about 10 racks left to pick from – most of it being your classic wrap dresses of various prints and colors.

Two things immediately caught my eye, and apparently everyone else’s too. I engaged in a quick push and shove to find my size (jk) and victory! – a lone size X just waiting to be tried on. It now hangs, my very first DVF piece, happily in my closet. Next step? To find a hot date to take me on a hot date. ;)

It’s in the same family as the ivory dress pictured below but in tube style with ruching up top and a black sash under the bust. It’s the epitome of girly pleasure and cuteness.

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