Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ode to the fashionista

What started as, “I’ll do it tomorrow” turned into “I’ll do it after it quiets down at work” turned into “I’ll do it after I move.” 4 months later and I’m sitting here finally ready and I'm thinking maybe it’s time to start again. I wouldn’t have been so compelled if it weren’t for the inspiration of my dear friend, who injects fashion into my soul every day.

The wooden soles of her Chloe platforms step all around me. I enviously peer at them out of the corner of my eye. She says they’re resale, can you believe it? Great price. She’s had the wood finished like an antique masterpiece; the color almost close enough to match the soft leather that covers her toes and wraps around her ankles.

When in an interview, she presents herself in a Jackie-O inspired jacket, an over-sized Marc Jacobs tote on her shoulder, a pair of Manolo Blahniks on her feet – and confidence that no Armani suit could ever command.

I admire her, her devotion to fashion, her ability to match simplicity with style, and her way of making anything look expensive.

And fashion does unite. I shared her pain when she found that her Stella McCartney shoes were too small, after waiting months for the boutique to receive more sizes -- only to then find, the size she needed was on hold for someone else.

We relished in delight when we discovered an identical version of DVF and Marc Jacobs at Forever21 for under $25.

And we both know that style can be inexpensive, fashion can be intelligent, and every woman deserves to have a closet just for shoes.

This post may be first of many, or just one of few but this one is for diabolina. My fashionista and friend.