Monday, July 31, 2006

Under $15

I'm sort of on a fashion diet, if you will. If I want to move, I have to save. To save, I can't spend any money. BUT - it's very difficult to refrain from buying.

To satisfy my hunger, I went to the mall this weekend and found some stuff, all under $15!

All this time, I never owned a pair of black leggings (despite all my talk about black...and then leggings). Not to mislead, I'm always willing to put out cash for things I can't live without, like my Chanel bag or my Balenciaga but for some reason, I could not justify spending $84 dollars for the Rachel Pally leggings - even though Rachel Pally is one of my most favorite designers. I figure black leggings are just that - black leggings. So I'm in H&M, and whatdoyaknow - I find a great pair for $12.80. Score!

I love H&M, can't you tell? =) I'm also a nutcase for jewelry and H&M has rows and racks of 'em. I also took home a gold long chained necklace for $5.00.

Next stop -- Sephora. Wearing sandals always calls for manicured feet. To keep them soft, I lotion up my feet with Sephora's super soothing foot cream every morning. Might I add, the minty smell is also pretty invigorating. I bought another tube for $10.00 (online, only $5.00)

All in all, I did good..........except when I just discovered that the Rachel Pally leggings are on sale on NessaLeeStyle. 20% off with coupon code "ILOVEJESS" too!

Should I?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A period means the end of

* Kevin Federline (just clean up or shave will ya).
* Scrunchies (I can't believe they still make them).
* Pamela Anderson (especially after her topless boating excursion).
* A completely see through outfit (for ex, Christina Aguilera @ the KoKo Club in London).
* Louis Vuitton in China town.
* Combining patterns (i.e., leapord and stripes).
* Nicole Ritchie's weight loss (she's getting way too thin).
* Baby making for Britney.

What would you like to see the end of?


Saturday, July 29, 2006

On love and Nick Lachey

Love for fashion, that is. Putting boys on the backburner for now. Perhaps, I'm meant to follow the same path as Nick after his split from Jess. ;) His new single, "I can't hate you anymore" is on repeat, finally something to replace Nelly Furtado even though I'm still obsessed with "promiscuous girl". I'm still getting use to Vanessa and Nick. I don't mean to get all pyscho-analytic but something tells me it's going to be a short relationship. They were recently spotted arguing in NYC. Sources say he stormed out of the room despite her attempts to make nice. Vanessa basically dropped Derek Jeter for Nick. Plus, Vanessa's comment about how she's going to be the next Jessica also hit a nerve. Oh boy, It's just too easy to dwell on the love lives of others (haha).

Moving on....

Cosmo (style&beauty - summer/fall 2006) says fall's 8 essential pieces are:

1. Leggings (agreed - especially with a long sweater or top)
2. A bell-sleeved blouse (has potential but depends on the wearer)
3. A military-inspired coat (loved the Vince one from last year)
4. A ("majorly") mini dress (agreed - short baby doll dresses can be so cute)
5. The skinniest pants (and jeans)
6. Bubble skirt (just bought a black one from Bloomies for $12!)
7. A chunky cardigan (i think this look works every season)
8. Long shorts (the model is shown wearing a dressy long short - forever21 has tons)

What's your take on Cosmo's predictions?

T-Bags Patterned Frocks

Ok, so last night I posted about black and today, I'm switching gears 180 degrees to patterned frocks.

T-Bags designed this funky printed dress for the summer. You can find this dress on Shop Intuition for $200. Use coupon code "MYACCOUNT" for 20% off. There's also a knee-length option.

I don't have any long printed dresses and I think this may be the one to get. I'm a sucker for cotton dresses because it's a breathable material and more attractive to slip on during a hot and humid summer day in Boston.

As seen on: Eva Mendes, Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, and Mischa Barton.

Friday, July 28, 2006


It used to be that black was gothic or black was for somber occasions. Today, it's almost a preference to wear black to weddings. You can even wear it in the summer without fear of appearing depressing. In fact, black is "in". The reasons are obvious.

Black is:

1. Slimming
2. Sophisticated
3. Classy
4. Sexy
5. Classic
6. Slimming

Oh, and did I mention slimming?

Nicole in a few fabulous black numbers (Prada on the left):

Everyone needs a simple black dress. It 's a fundamental for your closet. You can find this style (left) from DVF, Theory, and other designers. Appropriate for work. Casual enough to wear during the day and fancy enough for a nice dinner.

Black denim is an example of how fashion repeats itself. When I told my friends about how I purchased a pair of black jeans, 95% of the responses were, "ugh, black jeans?" I won them over once they were able to see the magic of just a simple color. Black really helps to elongate your legs and also allows for a more slender look.

A long black cami is perfect for days when you don't feel like rummaging through your closet to find something to wear. For some reason, I always feel sexy in a cami and I always pair it with an accesory or funky shoes so I can still feel stylish and not too plain. It's an easy color to play up!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runway

Wednesdays, 10/9C on Bravo

Thank goodness for TiVo. I can watch, rewatch, and rewind! Rate the designers' and their creations on Bravo. Who will be the next Chloe?

I am being beckoned by the professional world tonight. Preparing for a one-on-one tomorrow so that I might have a job waiting for me on the west coast. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


You know you have to make them. Question is, how do you know you're making the right ones? In any event, wouldn't I be a fool to equate questions of life to those of lifestyle e.g., "Quilted Chanel or quilted Marc Jacobs?" But, aren't those always the simplest to make? =)

I've worn my balenciaga to the bone. Time to think about the next carry-all. I like big and I like pockets - hence, "carry-all."

While flipping through a mag, my eyes landed upon the "Legacy" straw tote ($498) by Coach. I've always been a bit weary towards Coach, especially since i'm not a big fan of monogram and I can't help but picture Cs when I think of the brand. But for the summer, the combination of straw and leather just works. I realize the quality of the picture is awful, but now you can see what i'm talking about!

Fans of the legacy line? Jessica Alba & Eva Longoria

For a more reasonable offering, check out:

You only have to fish $20 from your pockets for this H&M white clutch pictured left. On the right, please find Valentino (available at Neiman Marcus stores) for $980. Which one would you rather have?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Dress Up

There are always those few things in your closet that you tend to wear a little too often, a little too much. For reasons of comfort, style, design, whathaveyou - you just lovingly abuse that shirt, that belt, or those pair of jeans.

c u r r e n t l y i n m y c l o s e t

The Vince T-Shirt Dress, $48
Cotton knits and jersey material really do it for me, so as you would expect, I’m pretty big on James Perse and Vince.
How I dress it up? Linea Pelle woven belt, Mystique sandels, Pucci headscarf, Oliver Peoples bella donna sunglasses and H&M super thin gold hoops ($1.99)
How I dress it down? JBrand Skinny jeans or True Religion Destroyed Joeys, wooden bangles (H&M, $4.99 for a set of ALOT), Bernado leather thongs, and Linea Pelle woven belt hung low at the waist

Rachel Pally Full-Tie Tube Dress, $198
This piece is so versatile -- you can transform this dress into anything really.
How I dress it up? As a dress. Cris-crossed in the front and worn as a halter. Gucci horse-bit clogs.
How I dress it down? Worn as a skirt (wrapped around my waist, tied in a knot in the back allowing the straps to sway effortlessly behind). Simple black cami. Black Havaianas. Forever 21, silver plated earrings to finish.

J Brand Skinny Jeans 10", $159
The skinny on the skinny jeans. At the moment, I can't stop ranting about them.
How I dress it up? H&M off-the-shoulder babydoll, Jessica black patent leather Amy's, Rachel Leigh Earrings
How I dress it down? Vince v-neck tunic tank (loose fitting), Kurtz Army Hat, Oliver Peoples bella donnas, Coach Abbi printed python sandals.

Monday, July 24, 2006

In the Eye of the Beholder

Before I get into my schpiel - Indulge in 50% off at Cafe Couture. The discount applies to the ENTIRE site beginning today until Sunday. Use coupon code, "Summer06" for deals on Havaianas flip-flops, Rebel Yell, Saint Grace, and Michelle Jonas. Plus free shipping!

What is considered fashionable is relative. Question is, relative to what? Relative to the fashion moguls who live and die for couture; relative to the fashion-acclaimed magazines such as Vogue, W, and Cosmo; or relative to the fashion-studded celebs that we all admire? Really, it is the industry that sets the bar for what is considered cutting-edge fashion. So for us, fashion-savvy nobodies, what dictates good fashion? Is it the above, is it your surroundings, like what your friends & acquaintances think, even complete strangers who compliment your style, or a combination of all of the above. I’d like to think, the latter. However, I truly believe that if you feel great in your clothes and if that confidence exudes through your demeanor no matter what any expert or magazine says, then more power to you.

It is a diehard philosophy of mine. Opinions and feedback welcomed.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Diane vonFurstenberg v.s. Forever 21

All hail for the look-a-likes, or what I'd prefer to call "affordable alternatives to high fashion." The shirt pictured on the left is $19.80 at Forever 21. Compare it to the Diane vonFurstenberg for $198, pictured right. Even if it wasn't a total knock-off, I'd get it just to wear with my black Jbrands skinnies. Due to the high demand, it is sold out on Forever online but I promise I will keep checking in for new inventory. "Last call" at Neiman Marcus is happening NOW. I say this because Diane's shirt is on sale for $99.

The Millicent Short

Make an outfit. Kristen Johnson shorts on sale for $154 on Shop Bop. I am crazy over the vintage buttons used to accent this piece. Small details can go a long way. As for the outfit, the chiffon/shorts combo screams classy yet casual. Forever 21 has comparable alternatives to these shorts but I didn't see one worthy of posting this time around. Below, check out another Forever/Diane dupe.

I'll also let you in a little secret. Bloomingdales is having their end of season sale. You can pre-sale now for %40 off already reduced prices. I managed to get my hands on these adorable coach sandals for $57 (reg price $150). Chloe shoes, also generously discounted. Only thing about presaling is you can't take it home with you that day but upside is that you get first dibs on sizes and styles. As with all sales, act fast and happy shopping!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Spotlight on Vintage Couture Karen Zambos

Spent the afternoon at the hair salon. Haven't said the goodbyes to my stylist yet, as I'm planning on wavy locks for the last visit. If you live in the Boston area, I highly recommend Giacomo and Rondi, stylist of the late Nikki Taylor. Great service and atomosphere, minus the inflated newbury street prices. For $45, you won't be disappointed. The salon also offers a host of other services including manis/pedis, facials, and waxes.

Jumpsuits have never really appealed to me but I must admit, this vintage couture Karen Zambos piece turned my head. The simple addition of the belt works to balance the outfit and the bare back is just so sexy. Available on Karen Zambos. I am partial to the blue but I can't find it anywhere!

Nicole Ritchie
Kate Beckinsale
I also like the "The Nicole" by Karen Zambos and here it is, on who else but Nicole.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Hunt

Job hunting. So it begins. It’s a Friday night and I’m on craigslist and every other job search engine you can name applying for positions. Oh, the joy. The bright side is that the national weather service has issued an alert – “Severe thunderstorm warnings for much of the state. Winds may exceed 60 miles an hour and nickel-sized hail may fall in some areas.” Now, that’s what I’d classify as the ultimate motivation.

But moving on to something more interesting. As my target is to move by, or in September – with or without a job, it got me thinking about the fall.

what's in store for next season? Right now, I’m seeing a lot of long sweaters and shirts (finally, something that works with my torso) - victorian inspired, ruffles, lace, and mocked neck tops – loose, flowy, and oversized shirts, - a lot more black on hangers – crochet – skinny jeans piled up in denim – big totes – and ballet flats.

To complete the head-to-toe, I need to search for the perfect head accessory. Quite frankly, I’m getting bored of my pucci scarf. I'm a basics girl. I tend to wear alot of solid color t-shirts and tanks so I depend on accessories to jazz up my outfits.I have a few possible options so far. I happened to come across this headband by Cara Couture ($48). I'm going to swing by Intermix this weekend to give it a try.

For some reason, I like the black leather one LC from The Hills sports on every episode. More on the conservative side though and I can't dig up who it's made by. Next, I was thinking a cynthia rowley wide plastic headband in black for $15. If all else fails,I can't go wrong with the $3 - $5 selection of headbands from forever.21 ( but in the meantime, still going to continue the hunt...for a headband but even more, if not most importantly, a job. =)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hidden Treasures

in efforts to save for the big move, i'm striving to be more conscientious about spending money. part of this initiative includes (*sniffle) cutting back on buying clothes...or maybe just finding great bargains. I think i like the latter better. when I was out visiting my soon to be home, my cousin took me to Vanity boutique in sherman oaks where they were having a closeted 70% off sale. I took home with me that day the rachel pally blousy top in cherry (hint* color looks so good with a tan), a white pencil skirt by "In the Now", a baby T with ruffled cap sleeves by "Made", and a silk cami by "Geren Ford" for an absolute steal.

This is Rachel's cherry colored fabric on the tie neck blousy halter.

i thought the best part of my transaction was when they hand-wrote the items I purchased on my receipt. did you ever think of a day where we could just be that simple? I'd love to run a boutique of my own some day. honestly, i would much prefer to stock smalltown/independent designers over the hautey labels. but that's another discussion for another day. paving the way slowly but surely.

don't get me wrong. i still love your typical high-end department store i.e, neiman marcus, barneys, saks fifth but you can't help rooting for the underdogs sometimes. plus, you never know when you'll be able to find that hidden treasure. My favorite bracelet is from Mint Julep in good ole brookline, MA, a smalltown boutique co-run by a BU grad (my alma mater). I don't even know who makes it but doesn't matter - I wear it every day. It's fashion that's close to home. that's my hidden treasure. =)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

West Side

5 days in LA is all it took to win me over. somehow, i've always felt somewhat connected to the west coast through my obsession with the latest "must haves." so naturally (being a boston native), i depended on my us weekly and fashion mags for the latest scoop on what's hot. i've been to california a few times before but this time around was different - no boyfriend and working a job in an industry i just don't relate to. so i'm moving on out...and up. if you're from the LA area, I'd love to hear your experiences.

oh and plus, it's not every day you bump into your fav high-profile celeb...

There she was in the flesh shopping at Fred Segal on Melrose! She looks more gorgeous in person. Notice, she's wearing the ankle length jbrand jeans in black. I'm fortunate to own 2 pairs. I have to admit, they do a number for your behind. They look great with flats for the everyday and for the evening, I usually pair mine with the jessica simpson amy's - these shoes are the perfect substitute for the christian louboutins. of course, nothing is like having the real thing but as long as they look good ..only you will know. ;)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Champagne Tastes

I haven't been inspired to share my personal life but am always up to share my obsession with fashion geniuses and denim lords a la my current favorites - rachel pally, balenciaga, and jbrand jeans. I'm between a carrie bradshaw/jessica simpson enthused fashionista. Latest "in" things for me include, tunic tops and t's, large leather totes, skinny jeans, flat sandels, sweats & hoodies, head accessories, clutches, and a "if you dress it right, it will look good" attitude (what is part of fashion is feeling beautiful in your clothes no matter what name is on the label). I am LA bound at the end of the summer so follow me through a journey of sample sales and fashion. I've always wanted to write strictly about my passion (for fashion, and for getting bargains) -- the things that i like, don't like, trends, sales, coupon codes, etc. so stay tuned....