Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fashion fitclub

What added to my depression is that I would eat atrocious amounts of food - and not just the occasional fast food either. Every night, my dinner of choice was either McDonalds, Burger King, or Jack in the Box - even the healthiest of fast food aka In & Out wasn't in the mix. The guilt didn't kick in until a month later when I couldn't fit into my jeans. I was utterly sickened! I really couldn't attribute my weight gain to turning quarter-century, or that my body was gearing up for child-birth. The brutal reality? I'm just not healthy. Period.

Anywho, everyone has resolutions to get fit in 2008 but along with my newfound perspective on fashion and spending, I also have a new perspective on loving the ME underneath my clothes.

Fabulous clothes can do a fabulous job of covering up but I'm motivated to work from the inside, out moving into the new year.

First, I started with vitamins. For those who eat like shit (present company included), you need to supplement your diet with vitamins. Made a trip to GNC, picked up a multi-vitamin, and voila, I rid myself of the daily lethargy (can really put a damper on things). Not to say, you should turn to poppin pills to solve everything. It just works as a supplement to a GOOD diet.

Second, I got into something my co-worker tells me is "active sitting." Sitting on a stability ball 8 hours a day can do wonders on your abs. If you sit in front of a computer all day like I do, then I highly recommend you get one. Great for your posture too.

Third, I buckled down and joined the gym. I am now a proud member of 24 Hour Fitness. Except, the one on Wilshire closest to my house kind of sucks. I'll make it a point to hit up the Pasadena one after work. Yippee.

Finally, I am bent on sticking to this plan. I don't want to be the one a few years down the line trying to work backwards. I want to be in a constant state of good health, positive thinking, and just loving the skin that i'm in!

Cheers to that,


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Monday, January 28, 2008

fashion rehab

For awhile, it was all about the fashion and how to get it – how to afford it never crossed my mind. The next thing after a big hit was what my next big hit was going to be. Of course, the obsessive need for glamour and fancy duds also came with its slew of bills. With no disposable income at my disposal, I carried a wallet stuffed with receipts but no cash. What was once glee and inspiration turned into feelings of bitterness and regret. Afterall, what was I to do with a closet full of designer shoes? I needed a savings account. Depressing? Yes. Pathetic? Very.

I had to turn my head away from temptation and had to feign excitement when my friends made new purchases and I was still wearing clothes from seasons past and my over-worn Balenciaga motorcycle purse, which was looking a tad homely – but just go with it when I call it vintage, ok? I was in need of serious rehab. Thankfully, I found comfort in boys and booze, both my anti-drugs. I learned how to be creative with my options. I learned to take a closet full of old and turn it into something new every day by just mixing and matching, staying simple, and accessorizing. I window shopped at Beverley Hills and flipped through pages of fashion mags, only to make my way to F21 in search of the perfect knockoff. Bless you F21.

Month’s later, recovery is imminent. It’s been a long and hard struggle but thank you all for the support.

Look forward to writing, sharing, being and growing fashionably healthy with you all.

Yours truly,



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