Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Twin Turbo 2800

My pick for the salon hair dryer. I've heard good things about the T3 hair appliances but to tell you the truth, who wants to spend $200 on a hairdryer.

Retail, I've seen the twin turbo go for $200 but I recently purchased mine on Metro Beauty for $87. The site also offers free shipping through FedEx on orders over $75!

It's highpowered and fairly light. I've been using it for 4 years and only this year did I have to replace it (and only because it fell from my counter to the tile floor of my bathroom).

Once you switch to a salon hairdryer, you can't go back. You get the results you want, quicker with something that has more oomph to it.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Grey's @ the SAG

I love Grey's Anatomy - on screen and off! The cast including Kate Walsh, TJ Wright, Katherine Heigl, Patrick Dempsy, Sandra Oh, and Ellen Pompeo looked so glam on the red carpet.

Grey's Anatomy took away from the SAG awards:
  • Outstanding cast in a TV drama
  • Outstanding actress in a TV drama, won by Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey)
Kate Walsh looked the most stunning. Her hair and lips just contrasted so well with her chiffon Kevan Hall sheath (yellow is, by the way, the color for Spring). Heigl was a close runner up, looking absolutely vixen in red.

And slightly off topic, I have to add that Tony Parker and soon to be Eva Longoria-Parker (in lovely Vera Wang) are going to be the hottest married couple in Hollywood. They look so in love and are just physically - super gorgeous. I feel optimistic about this union. What do you think? =)

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The Pocket Dress

Pockets keep your hands warm. They keep your lipgloss and Amex close but within easy reach when you're dancing at the club. Hands tucked in implies a certain coyness and slight innocence. It used to be that pockets were a must on hoodies or dressing your behind, but lately I've been seeing more pockets being sewn on the front of dresses.

I want to say it began with the emergence of the jumper. Pockets add a school girl quality to even the most provocative outfit. Slip on a deep-v with deep pockets like this Young, Fabulous, & Broke dress (left) or Rachel Pally's pocket dress (below) - my favorite pockets!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Silverado - discounted!

You can get the famous Chloe silverado for almost 40% off on Intermix online. It makes me think, should I?

I really can't but if you've had your eye on getting the Silverado, it's a great deal! The inventory went quick on Net-a-Porter at the time of their last mark down on Chloe purses. So, i'm guessing you should act fast?

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

People's Top 10 for Spring

It's like Winter never happened in Southern California. Only after a few brisk days and I'm already on Spring full throttle - beginning first with a sneak peak brought to you by People's 10 hottest trends for the season and commentary by....me!

Brightly Colored Accessories
For a girl who wears mostly black, I do celebrate color. It's all about accessorizing your wardrobe. I love spicing up my outfits with a jazzy pair of shoes or a brightly colored handbag/clutch. That way your closet stays classic and your accessories, recyclable. Who says you can't dust off your Gucci shoes from 5 years ago? Call it vintage & wear with pride.

Day Clutches
I've always loved the look of clutches but I'm just the type of girl who carries alot of miscellaneous junk in her purse, which is probably why I only own two. I've noticed recently that clutches have evolved to be more practical - meaning, you can contain more things or maybe it's just fashion saying, bigger is better. So basically, it's ok to hold the size of what you would normally carry on your arm, in the palm of your hand. Sweet!

Wide Leg Jeans
I tried this one the last time around but it just didn't flatter me the way it did others. But this is certainly a statement in the current fad of skinny, skinny, skinny everything. Just like Vogue says in Feb's issue featuring Renee Zellweger -- "Lean and Mean - The most modern trouser silhouette is strong and skinny." I want to be a pencil, please?

Lucite Jewelry
Remember Alexis Bittar's widely popular lucite bangles (as worn by the lovely Jessica Simpson)? Yup, back again.

Yellow and Cobalt
The alias for electric blue is cobalt. Complimentary colors always work well with and against each other.

It takes a certain style to pull this off but a good look for a dinner or night out.

Supposedly the "metallic shade" of the season. In my opinion, it's fresher on the eye. Gold at one point to me was tacky just like silver translated into cheap. Gold today connotes feelings of royalty, warmth, and richness. Nonetheless, silver will break the monotony of it for the time being.

Cut Out Wedges
I totally just want to sprinkle salt around this one.

Wide Trousers
Now, there is a difference between wide jeans and trousers. Maybe because trousers look really good wide and fitted. You don't feel as weighed down like with denim. There's just more fluidity. Plus, you can wear it out or in the office. I'm all for the multi-purpose wardrobe.

Mini Dresses
I love! I love! Bare those legs ladies and show them what you got.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shop the Ron Herman Sale!

Now, at Ron Herman you can enjoy 65% off......and the urge to buy continues. I was eyeing this Marc Jacobs tote.

and this Wyeth top....and this M Missoni bikini....

But...practicality kicked in and I only walked away with this T Luxury tank. I have a thing for stripes and an even bigger thing for cheap tank tops! The back is actually really cute and I like the fact that it flares out a bit on the bottom. It will be perfect with my skinnies.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shopbop Sale!

I love Shopbop's sales. They just added hundreds of new items. Now that they offer free shipping, there's almost no reason why you shouldn't buy, especially when you can get up to 70% off!

70% Off!
  • KAROO Mark Eisen - Cashmere Sleeveless V-neck top $308 to $92.40
  • KAROO Mark Eisen - Deep V Long Sleeve Dress $308 to $92.40
  • LaRok - Wrap Dress - $188 to $56.40
  • Rachel Pally Keyhole Turtleneck - $189 to $47.70
  • Paul & Joe Foldover Boot with Pin - $787.00 to $236.10

50% Off!
  • Vince Long V Neck Sweater - $275 to $137.50
  • Adam & Eve Zip Front Jacket - $495 to $247.50
  • Adam & Eve Long Sweater w/ waist tie - $295.00 to $147.50
  • Spring & Clifton V Striped Dress - $207.00 to $103.50
  • Clu Long Sleeve w/ Shirring - $126.00 to $63

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chloe Paddington Boots

After what seemed like weeks of waiting, I finally got my Chloe Paddington boots. When I found out the boots were getting seriously discounted, I quickly called my sales person at Saks Fifth Avenue to track them down for me. A few days later, she called with good news. There was a return in my size!

I saved 60%! Regular price of these babies --- $1,155.

Pictured left, the Chloe Paddington boots, as favorited by the lovely Sarah Michelle Geller.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chanel's New Black

It was the perfect stocking stuffer this year. I was lucky to grab a few at the Macy's in Sherman Oaks before Christmas. Chanel's Noir Ceramic #337 is the new Black Satin for Spring 2007.

This season's shade is eliciting the same reaction from consumers as Black Satin. The demand is significantly higher than the supply & we're talking about nailpolish. It's marketing genius!

Since I missed out on Black Satin, I was watchful of Chanel's spring release. So yes, I did fall victim to the craze but with much pleasure! Noir Ceramic has a sheen to it unlike Black Satin resulting in a more vibrant color. Some blacks just get dull after a few days. You can, however, avoid it by applying a topcoat every so often.

I'm making a visit to the nail salon again this weekend. Can't wait!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rachel Bilson @ Social

Headed out to Social Nightclub in Hollywood on the Wednesday before New Years and guess who I bumped into? -- the super cute, Rachel Bilson. Her voice caught my attention and let me tell you, Rachel looks so great in person - unlike some celebs who just get photoshopped in magazine pictures to look somewhat decent.

[Pictured left: Rachel Bilson @ Social Nightclub 12/27/06]

I also caught a glimpse of Kirsten Dunst. As I was leaving, the paparazzi were busy taking pictures of Ashlee Simpson entering the venue! I was told Jessica was with her......but sadly, I didn't get a chance to see her. Next time.

Only in LA.... =)

Celebrity Regulars: Lindsay Lohan, Harry Morton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Simpson, Lance Armstrong and Jessica Biel

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Sorry for the interruption...

I finally return from sabbatical and glad to be back. Hope wishlists were fulfilled and resolutions are marching forward. Winter is hardly over but I'm already excited for next season. So far I see soft colors , fluttering sleeves, chiffon, flowing tops, and delicacy peeking through spring wardrobes. With winter style - marked by black polish, boyish garb, and dark colors - being so dominant, it'll be nice to get to know our more girly sides.

So with open warms, let's say Hello. Let me introduce to you Suri.
There's always something you'll like in Michael's colllection. In this case, I love these wedges in his Kors by Michael Kors line. What do you think? I'd love to hear your Michael Kors favorites!

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